My book ABCs From Space: A Discovered Alphabet will be out in the United States in August!

+In its starred review, Publishers Weekly says:
“In more ways than one, it’s a book that lets readers see Earth—and the alphabet—in a new light.”

+Kirkus Reviews says:
“This highly unusual and scientific alphabet book will intrigue those sky gazers who see shapes in the clouds…Definitely not your usual ABC book, this sophisticated approach will best appeal to science teachers and scientifically minded children.”

+School Library Journal says:
“There is a certain nerdy awesomeness to Voiland’s photographic journey through the Roman alphabet—the sheer wonder of finding patterns in nature, especially ones that happen to resemble A’s and B’s. Voiland combed through countless NASA satellite images to find waterways, weather systems, and cloudscapes when compiling this collection.”

+In an article about the book, the Greenfield Recorder notes:
“The book ends with a five-page legend, which explains exactly where and when each photo was taken and what it represents, as well as an explainer about satellite images and natural and geologic forms.”